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  • writing a letter of interest to a vacant property owner
    Hi everyone, How do I construct a letter informing a vacant property owner that I am interested in buying their property. Does anyone have a sample letter they wouldn't mind sharing so I know what I need to write. Thanks in advance for your responses and may God bless you all. RS (Jos. 1:7-9)
  • Re: writing a letter of interest to a vacant property owner
    I am also interested in recieving the same imformation thank you R.S. for your post. Happy Investing, Sean
  • Re: writing a letter of interest to a vacant property owner
    1. Go to the county clerks office where the county records taxes and water for the county. 2. See if the owners has a fowarding address. If bank owns it, and they are paying the taxes, try to get a hold of owners asap. Before home goes into foreclosure. 3. Send letter to the owners or executors . * keep in mind you have to be ready to submit an offer and be ready to close FAST. Recent sample letter I just sent .. We are interested in purchasing your home located at 123 Xxxx St.. We can offer you a fast settlement. I am sure you are aware that the home needs allot of work, and we are willing to fix it up and live in it. Our offer will be as-is. If you have some time, please feel free to contact us at 555-1212 (home) or (555-1212). Cell. or We are interested in purchasing your property located at 123 Xxxxx Drive As you might be aware, the home will be foreclosed on shortly. We can TRY help you save your credit by stopping the bank foreclosure by offering you cash and a fast settlement. I would like to know if you are interested in selling the home as is, & deeding the home over to us at a price prior to foreclosure. Please call us at 718-555-1212 (home) or 718-555-1212 (cell). This is of utmost importance because the home is in the final stages of foreclosure. Please advise. Thank you Myles

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