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  • seller won't sign mutual release
    I have a contract on a house subject to home inspection. After the inspection, major plumbing repairs were discovered and I want my earnest money back... The seller is now giving me the run-around and won't sign the mutual release.... What can I do? The title co. won't release the earnest money back without it.. The other thing is the seller is an LLC with two partners... both parties (and two signatures are required) didn't sign the original sales contract on time... I would think this would mean the contract is not valid to begin with... What can I do? Has anyone ever had to take a seller to court for not signing a mutual release? Please respond if you have any experience with this... if anything just to make me feel better
  • Re: seller won't sign mutual release
    Housetrdr------------- Either get an attorney or go down into the bad part of town and find a knee-breaker to hire. Good Negotiating********Ron Starr*********
  • Hey, Ron !
    How do we tell the two apart ? Which one is cheaper ? ~ C
  • Re: Hey, Ron !
    mom23boys Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How do we tell the two apart ? The knee breaker won't lie about what he does. ;)
  • Re: Hey, Ron !
    Mom to two boys--OR----------- Always the smart questions. Hard to answer questions. Make me think. Sorry, at this time I can't answer. I'm just glad that Skeptic has some response. Good Deal Searching*********Ron Starr*********

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