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  • What is the best way to wholesale Pre-Foreclosures?
    i am getting a list from a title company that says, Notice of Defualts, Pre-foreclosures and ( SBTS) San Bernardino Tax Sale(the county is S I don’t they are tax sale yet but going to tax sale. I would think these would great opportunities because you can still contact the owner and try to cut a deal right?? Some have 1st of 180,000 and comps at 300,000 looks like it would be a good one , also they are fairly newer homes some built in 2000 -2003 , I may not have to figure in ARV?
  • Re: What is the best way to wholesale Pre-Foreclosures?
    What are "you" offering --- a list or a negotiated deal w/signed P&S contract? If you've negotiated a deal and want to wholesale, then you need to advertise it to your buyers list and market the heck out of it via all means (e.g., signs, internet sites, classifieds, MLS, etc.) to let people know you have a "deal."

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