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  • War zones
    Hello steve, I've been rapidly reading your excellent wholesaling course. In chapter 5 [page 57] you talked about the occasion when you purchased a number of houses really cheaply. You were able to wholesale half of them. Do you remember what you did with the others? Regards , Henry.
  • Re: War zones
    Hi Henry, I auctioned some, and some I gave away as freebies. I remember telling my buyers- "if you buy these two from me, I'll throw this one in for free". So some of them were used for incentives to sell more homes.
  • Re: War zones
    Hello steve, it sounds as if you know a lot about sales techniques and promotions. I must admit I've never heard of buy two, get one free in relation to houses!!! - it was a good idea. Thanks for answering my question. Regards, Henry.

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